With the mutated virus spreading to more than 70 countries, the World Health Organization is warning of an even tougher New Year

“Going into 2021, we already have a new tool in place to fight the epidemic — the new crown vaccine,” Krueger, WHO Regional Director for Europe, stressed in a January 7 video conference.
More than one country has yet developed a vaccine, but novel coronavirus is the new challenge.
According to British media reports on January 8, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the presence of the novel coronavirus variant in more than 70 countries, with more than half of European countries reporting new cases.
Dr. Krueger said that the mutant novel coronavirus is more infectious, after health care workers study, the mutation and the original novel coronavirus in the death rate, there is no change.
According to statistics, the European region has 230 million people living in “cages”, in the coming time, the whole Europe may be blocked, at present a quarter of the European countries of the medical system, is under great pressure.

In fact, in addition to European countries, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, the United States and other places have appeared the mutation of novel coronavirus.
WHO experts warn that over time, the novel coronavirus could replace the viruses of the past as the main virus to circulate around the world.
According to Russian media reports, a new variant novel coronavirus was released in the UK in mid-December, and the WHO was immediately involved in the investigation.
After a thorough investigation, WHO experts have given dire warning that the New Year will be more severe, this mutation of the virus is very dangerous, not only is more contagious, but also very easily spread among young people and children who do not get sick.
A number of countries then began to restrict flights, even cargo, to Britain.
Because now, the Western countries are in the critical moment of the epidemic rebound, the original novel coronavirus can not withstand, if the mutated virus spread again, we will face greater epidemic pressure.

Later, another variant of the novel coronavirus was found in Britain, and this one came from the South African region.
Scientists have found that South Africa’s mutated virus may be more difficult to deal with.
According to the study, the Oxford vaccine did not work against the South African mutation, and even those vaccinated against the original virus were likely to be infected with the mutation.
So now, countries can’t afford to let their guard down. The virus has mutated and young people and children are the most at risk.
Although new crown vaccines are being developed and put into use in some countries, they are time-consuming to administer and are not available in economically underdeveloped parts of Africa.
In addition, the vaccine in India has been overturned, and experts in some countries say the vaccine will not help their own countries.
As the epidemic worsens, the health care system in many countries is close to collapse, and many hospitals say they can no longer sustain it.
The more contagious mutants are already running out of control, and 2021 could be a much worse year.

Now there is sufficient evidence to show that the mutant novel coronavirus exists in the situation of “transmission of things”, so all countries should be ready to fight, as long as all countries have the same goal, make concerted efforts, in order to successfully defeat the epidemic.
At the beginning of this year, we found a number of cases of foreign imports. Therefore, we must not take our guard lightly at this critical moment. As the general public, we should pay attention to our personal health and do a good job in our daily prevention of the epidemic.

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