Novel coronavirus continues to spread nearly 400 confirmed infections in Japan

A total of 128 people in 11 prefectures and prefectures were found to be infected with the novel coronavirus variant in the 7 days ended March 16, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Thursday.
This figure represents an increase of 51 over the previous seven days, or a 66% increase in percentage.
So far, 399 people have been confirmed infected with the mutated virus in Japan.
Hyogo prefecture reported the largest number of new cases in Japan, with 56, followed by Saitama 16, Hokkaido 13, Osaka 10, Tokushima 9, Kanagawa and Ehime 6 each, Kituto and Hiroshima 5 each, and Kagawa and Okinawa 1 each.
So far, a total of 399 people have been confirmed infected in Japan, including 374 with the British strain, 17 in Brazil and eight in South Africa.
Different kinds of mutated viruses have different characteristics, some may be more contagious and likely to cause severe disease, while others may be more resistant to the immune system and vaccines.
In addition, after virus testing, cases of the mutant novel coronavirus reported in the Philippines and other places have also been found in Japan.
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will take steps to improve the testing system, including that of local governments.

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